To be published in the ICIIBMS 2018 Conference Proceedings, the author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference. Selected papers describing state-of-the-art topics will be considered for publication in the Journals of Applied Science and Computer Science Publications(ASCSPub, )        

 Future work (if any):

   • What are you plans future work?

   • Your future work should be related to the present work.

   • What motivated you to pursue this work, or what were the difficulties you


   Statement of the Problem:

    • Why was research needed?

     • What was the context of the work?

     • Provide background for what you are going to address.

Full paper or abstract submissions must follow the following instructions and prepare their abstract accordingly.

For all submissions we accept only Word Files. (Exception: If you are working in LaTex, then please submit a PDF file). Each full paper must not be more than 8 pages. Abstract length is 2 pages maximum. Use the below form for your submission. 

Accepted abstracts or full papers with paid conference registration fee will be guaranteed a presentation slot at the conference. For full papers, author(s) must attend and present their work at the conference to guarantee that the full paper will appear in the Conference Proceedings. In the case of an unvoidable circumstances which prevent the author from attending and presenting his/her paper, the Conference Proceedings will be sent to him/her after the conference by the editorial commitee.

We accept abstracts, ongoing research and full papers which will be blind reviewed by peers and the International Program Committee (IPC). Their recommendations will be further reviewed by the editorial board for consideration to appear in the Proceedings of the conference. Authors of successful abstracts will be asked to submit their full paper after the conference to Applied Science and Computer Science Publications for publication in the Special Issue. Abstract length is 2 pages maximum.


ICIIBMS 2018- Paper Submission


ICIIBMS welcomes all distinguished scholars around the globe who would like Join us as International Peer Reviewers (IPR) or Committee Members (CM).

Please submit the form below:


• State concisely what did you do and the method you used for solving the


• The method of research or study applied to the problem should be

  described in a concise manner.


   • What results did you get?

   • State what you found and relate it to the problem.

   • Summarize the important points of your results.

Instructions for Abstract Preparation

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   • What are the implications of your conclusion?

   • State the relevance or significance of the results to the problem you addressed.