Track 3: Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging and Neuroscience

Track 3 topics include, but are not limited to

  • Bioinformatics

  • Medical Imaging and Neuroscience

  • Bioinformatics and Neuroscience

  • Surgical Visualization and Augmented Reality

  • Medical robotics and Medical Imaging

  • Computational Anatomy and Physiology

  • Biologically-Inspired Agents and Software

  • Bio-Statistical and Medical Statistical Methods

  • Medical Science and Life Science

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Molecular Biology

  • Bioengineering

 ICIIBMS is a four-day event with oral presentations, poster sessions and plenary lectures. 

Paper Submission opens April 1, 2019

November 21-24 2019,  Shanghai, China

      International Conference on Intelligent Informatics and BioMedical Sciences


ICIIBMS 2018 topics include, but are not limited to the following:

 Track 1:Image Processing, Computer Science and Information Engineering

Track 1 topics include, but are not limited to

  • Image Processing

  • Computer Science, and Control Engineering

  • Image Processing, Computer Science

  • Control Engineering, Computer-Aided Diagnosis

  • Image Segmentation, Classification and Fusion

  • Image Recontruction and Image Quality

  • Sensors, Technology and Networks

  • Population Imaging and Imaging Genetics

  • Information System and Automation Control

  • Computer Assistance Education

  • Cyber Security


Track 2: Artificial Intelligent, Robotics, and Human-Computer Interaction

Track 2 topics include, but are not limited to

  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation

  • Robotics and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

  • Robotics and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Application of Big Data in Imaging

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Interventional Software and User Interface

  • Behavior-Based Robotics and Transportation

  • Graphics and Visualization

  • Theory and Algorithms