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Where to buy Airport Limousine Bus Tickets

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Naha Bus Terminal => Airport Limousine Counter
Onna no Eki Farmers' Market => Takara-Kuji (Lottery) Ticket Sales Kiosk
The Oshiro book and stationery store in the Uruma City Ishikawa shopping area, across from the Ishikawa MaxValu supermarket
"Jimmy's" OIST Store in the Village Center, Monday through Saturday 10:00-19:30

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By Taxi

 ・Nearby Hotels
   ・Renaissance Resort Okinawa
   ・Moon Beach
   ・Sun Marina
   ・Rizzan Sea Park Hotel
   ・ANA International Continental Manza Beach Resort
   ・Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa
   ・The Busena Terrace
   ・Okinawa Resort and Spa Marriott

From Naha Airport, taxi fares range from approximately 8,000 to 12,000 JPY. From northern areas, such as Nago and Motobu, it depends on the distance.

To make sure you safely arrive at the OIST campus, you may print out the Japanese Campus Area Map and hand it to the taxi driver.

Local Bus (about 2.5 hours from Naha Airport)

The journey to OIST costs about 1,400 JPY.

Bus #120, bound for the “Nago Bus Terminal” departs from bus stop No. 3 at the Naha Airport (Domestic Terminal).

The ticket fare is paid directly to the bus driver when leaving the bus. Please note that you cannot pay with 10,000 JPY/5,000 JPY bills. 

・Bus #120 "Nago Nishi Kuukou Sen"

・To get to the OIST campus, get off at the bus stop "Daigakuin Mae" and walk 15 minutes up the hill to the campus
・To get to Seaside House, get off at the bus stop "Seaside House Mae".

   ・PC:           http://www.routefinder-okinawa.com/route_search?Lang=en
   ・Mobile:    http://www.routefinder-okinawa.com/m_search?Lang=en

Bus drivers do not speak English.  Take a paper ticket (jousha-ken) when you get on the bus. Pre-recorded announcements for the next bus stop are made in Japanese.  Push a nearby button to tell the driver you'd like to get off the bus.  Check the display near the driver with your jousha-ken number for the bus fare. (You can find a good explanation on how to ride a local Japanese bus here (external link).

※ We do not recommend using local buses, when traveling from OIST to Naha Airport, due to heavy traffic on Route 58.

     The Airport Limousine Bus is a very convenient way to travel between OIST and Naha Airport, downtown Naha, the Ishikawa shopping area,  

      and several Onna Village hotels.

Route, Schedule and Fares

        Schedules (Okinawa Bus Ltd. website)        http://okinawabus.com/en/ls/ls_timetable/#area_c
        Fare Tables (Okinawa Bus Ltd. website)      http://okinawabus.com/en/ls/ls_fares/#area_c

  • Naha Airport (domestic terminal)

  • Naha Airport (international terminal)

  • Naha Bus Terminal (Asahi-bashi station on the Yui-Rail Monorail)

  • Ishikawa MaxValue Supermarket

  • Renaissance Okinawa Resort

  • Hotel Moon Beach

  • Hotel Monterey Okinawa

  • Sun Marina Hotel

  • Rizzan Sea Park Hotel

  • OIST Campus

Airport Limousine Bus


   Airport Limousine Bus Stops

Transportation from Naha Airport to the Venue (OIST)