November 21-24 2019,  Shanghai, China

      International Conference on Intelligent Informatics and BioMedical Sciences


Tack1:   Image Processing, Computer Science and Information Engineering

        Track 1 topics include, but not limited to

  • Control Engineering, Computer-Aided Diagnosis
  • Image Segmentation, Classification and Fusion
  • Image Recontruction and Image Quality
  • Sensors, Technology and Networks
  • Population Imaging and Imaging Genetics
  • Information System and Automation Control
  • Computer Assistance Education
  • Cyber Security

The International Conference on Intelligent Informatics and Biomedical Sciences (ICIIBMS) held in 2018 in Bangkok  attracted  many participants from more than 18 countries. ICIIBMS continues to create opportunities for top technology leaders, scholars, engineers, scientists, leading industry leaders as well as graduate students to share ideas and discuss the latest technology in various fields. We invite you to submit your original technical papers to this conference.

ICIIBMS 2019 will take place in Shanghai, China. One of the most vibrant cities in the world, with a population of more than 24 million. It is a global financial centre and transport hub, with the world's busiest container port. Shanghai is also the most visited city for its mix culture sand its beautiful sightseeing such as Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Natural History Museum to mentione only a few.  Do not miss this opportunity to visit this amazing city for ICIIBMS 2019!

ICIIBMS 2019 will be Technically co-sponsored by IEEE,  the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Computational Life Science (IEEE CS TCCLS), IEEE Fukuoka Section as well as the Applied Science and Computer Science Publications (ASCSPub, .

 Welcome to ICIIBMS 2019   

Track 3: Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging and Neuroscience

      Tack 3 topics also include, but not limited to

  • Surgical Visualization and Augmented Reality

  • Medical Robotics and Medical Imaging

  • Computational Anatomy and Physiology

  • Biologically-Inspired Agents and Software

  • Bio-statistical and Medical Statistical Methods

  • Medical Science and Life Science

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Molecular Biology

  • Bioengineeering

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All papers published in the ICIIBMS Conference Proceedings will be submitted to IEEE for inclusion into IEEE Xplore (Automatically indexed by  EI and Scopus). Selected papers will be considered for publication in the Journal of Applied Science and Computer Science Publications (ASCSPub,; JBINS, JICE, and JACAR. All submissions are peer-reviewed by experts in each topic.


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 ICIIBMS 2018 papers already sent to IEEE

Track 2: Artificial Intelligent, Robotics, and Human-Computer Interaction

          Tack 2 topics also include, but not limited to

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligent

  • Application of Big Data in Imaging

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Interventional Software and User interface

  • Behavior-based Robotics and Transprotation

  • Graphics and Visualization

  • Theory and Algorithms

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Advanced Control Enginering