November 24 - 26, 2022 - Nara, Japan

      International Conference on Intelligent Informatics and BioMedical Sciences


Zakariae Belmekki, Jun Li, Karl Jenkins, Patrick R., David Antonio Gómez Jáuregui

Measuring Control of a Bowler to Predict Impact in ODI Cricket Using Classification Models

Satoshi Yoda, Yuuto Tsukiashi, Yoshimitsu Kuroki

ICIIBMS 2022  Best Paper Awards


Initial parameters of CNNs generated by Convolutional Sparse Representation with L1 error term

ParkinSense: A Novel Approach to Remote Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis, Severity Profiling, and Telemonitoring via Ensemble Learning and Multimodal Data Fusion on Webcam-Derived Digital Biomarkers.

Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering National Institute of Technology  Kurume College


Heritage High School 


Use Mixed Precision Data Types to Speed up Computation for Ultrasound Imaging Software

 Center for Computational Engineering Sciences Cranfield University, School of Aerospace

Sugar Land, TX, U.S.A. 

Frisco, Texas, USA

Shanghai Institute of Technology 

Ahmad Al Asad, Tarif Ashraf, Ilhum Zia Chowdhury, Akif Azam, Kazi Nishat A., Md. Golam Rabiul Alam, T. Rahman

William P. Clements High School 

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Brac University

ICIIBMS 2022  Best Paper Award Winners

An Empirical Evaluation of Generative Adversarial Nets in Synthesizing X-ray Chest Images

 Pulkith Paruchuri 

Yunxiang Liu, Ruhao Nan, Weihua Feng

Ray Tang

​The International Conference on Intelligent Informatics and Biomedical Sciences (ICIIBMS) is proud to announce the ICIIBMS 2022 Best Paper Awards (ICIIBMS 2022 BPA) provided by our technical co-sponsor, The Technical Committee on Computational Life Sciences (TCCLS), the IEEE Computer Society. The TCCLS will award up to four students a maximum of $300 USD each, to be applied toward airline travel for attendance to the ICIIBMS 2022 Conference.

We encourage all students to submit a high-quality paper to be eligible to win the ICIIBMS 2022 Students Best Paper.


  • ​The award winner must be a student who is a first author or co-author of a paper, and he/she must present the paper at the ICIIBMS 2022.

  • The paper must be of high quality and written concisely describing state-of-the-art research in his/her domain.

Travel Award Notification

  • The Student Travel Awards will be announced during the Conference closing ceremony. Therefore, to receive the STA, students must be present at the closing ceremony.


Documents and Reimbursement

  • Awardees will submit a reimbursement request form to the IEEE Computer Society, along with all receipts of airline tickets, and then the Computer Society will reimburse up to $300 USD. 

  • After the conference awardees will be given instructions for submitting the necessary documents.

Bedford, United Kingdom

Lane line detection based on OpenCV